Welcome Friends!

La Casita Nica is pleased to welcome you to this corner of Ottawa where you will be received with warmth and great food that is good to eat.

We chose our slogan to be “This food is good to eat” because we want to reassure of the quality of our meals; they are natural, unprocessed, without artificial colors, without preservatives and at prices that a normal working family can afford.

We are proud Nicaraguans by birth and having been adopted by this beautiful country Canada we have had the pleasure to meet our brothers and sisters of Latin America and the World. This magic melting pot has made us realize we are part of something bigger and that we we are united by our desire for natural and healthy food; and so we are opening La Casita Nica offering iconic dishes from Nicaragua, but we will not stop there. This house is your house and in it we plan to incorporate as many foods as our followers fancy; there will be no limits as to what we will offer. If you have a recipe, send it our way and we will cook it for you.

Every day, real meals for $9. You are all welcome. Please stop by and say hello.

Warm Regards,

Luvy Gonzalez
613 617 8253

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